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There are so many causes and events worth noting in our global landscape. This blog will present highlights of initiatives that deserve attention and participation by nurses and society at large. Visit our Blog to read about the latest entries. ... Awareness is the first step, reflection and planning the second step, action and raising a critical mass is the third.

Nursing Activist Research
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Nursing Research related to social justice and activism to promote global health and well-being for all are active foci of this site. Nursing researchers and nursing students are engaging in study and praxis to create this site.

About this Activism Site
.An evolving toolbox....
This site was conceived and designed by June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c) to provide resources, research, and guidelines to support nurses (and other folk) on proven activist methods and theory. Content will also be provided by BSN nursing students engaged in upper level research and change theory projects.

Nurses are Activists!
They just need support, knowledge & tools!

This site has been created to offer theory, resources, examples, research, news, and tools to help nurses unite, organize, and participate in activist initiatives that contribute to the health, well-being, peace, and harmony of humanity and all of Planet Earth.

Media is Key!

The advent of the Internet and other communicative and creative technologies has potentiated the evolution of several media resources that can aid in activist initiatives in profound ways. This site will introduce nurses to many of these resources, including viral Flash, Internet and Email Campaigns, web sites, downloadable print materials, and so on.

Nurse Activism

Nurses are - Ideal Activists! They Have Knowledge, Voice and Compassion